Basuli Manarang

Christmas Spirit of gift and sharing : Basuli Manarang

In this Christmas season, it is a time for us to share our joy and happiness with others. Basuli Manarang is a literacy movement that located in the deep village of Sulawesi Barat. The village is located 3 hours away from the closest city of Mamuju with the bad road condition, which makes it difficult for the people there to access the commerce and government facility. Living mostly from agriculture, Gelato Secrets has been helping this village to develop better their cacao production and improve the economy there. You can help them too by sharing your old books, toys or other education materials that can improve their education facility there. These books will be given to Basuli Manarang, the place where the village kids gather to have access to library and get extra education activity. Sa’adiyah is a woman behind this organisation who voluntary share her living room into a literacy centre. Lets help her to create a better education environment for the kids in this village. You can share old books or other education material, by dropping it to our shops in Bali or Jakarta. You can also give cash donation to BRI 0047-01-005966-53-2, account name: Sa’adiyah.