Gelato vs Ice Cream


The age-old tradition of making artisanal Italian gelato is as much an art as it is a science. Gelato (meaning “frozen” in latin) is the Italian word for ice cream made in the traditional way with fresh milk, cream, air, and flavourings such as fresh fruits and nuts. It contains less calories, fat, sugar and air than regular ice cream, giving it a more intense taste and flavour.


A traditional gelato machine chums at a slower speed than an industrial ice cream maker. Only around 25% of the gelato mix consists of air compared to up to 100% of air that enters an industrial ice cream mix. The more air, the slower it melts as air bubbles act as an insulating layer around the ice cream, preventing it from melting to fast. This is why gelato in general melts faster than ice cream.

Smooth Texture

Since gelato contains less fat and air than ice cream, it is best served at a lower temperature than ice cream at around minus 14c/minus 15c for the best texture and flavour. Ice cream is best served at minus 20c.